miércoles, 16 de enero de 2013

Adaptation: First Steps

H. P. Lovecraft

At this point, I start looking for stories that could interest me and then I remembered a story I read years ago, it was The Other Gods by H.P. Lovecraft.

The story is set on a world where gods have been pushed to the highest peaks by humans. Barzai the wise and his pupil Atal begin a quest in search of new knowledge about gods of earth.

After a large journey they finally get to Hatheg-Kla, but in his propose, Barzai profane the peak of god's mountain and he is punished by  the other gods, the gods of the outer hells who take care of the gods of Earth.

Once I had that story in mind, I began asking me about what would I prefer to do. Then I realize that the characters were already on my head while I was reading the passage, so I decide to draw some sketches.

Atal - first sketch

Barzai - first sketch

God of Earth (M) - first sketch
God of Earth (F) - first sketch

Gods of the Outer Hell

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  1. Hey Adrian! These are really nice drawings and the idea of adapting a Lovecraft creation is really cool. He always seems to have really interesting 'stuff' to adapt! Only thing I would say would be that maybe you should upload some more research into the story of 'The Other Gods' and the characters before you get stuck in drawing or even research into a specific style you are being influenced by with your character design so it is clear which direction you want to go in. Other than that its great to see your ideas! :D

  2. Hi Adrian

    Thanks for the email. Good to read your first posts.

  3. 1) I suggest getting to know the story and characters by breaking down the text. Design of any kind begins with language. Find traits, decriptive words, or external influences (world) which can inform your decision making.

    2) Find a way into the style choices associated with this story. For example if a story is set in period Japan then a style may be developed using lanterns, shadows, and paintings of the period.